Randy Lai

Data Scientist



Randy Lai is a data scentist at Google. His interests include R software developement, machine learning algorithms and non-frequentist inference procedures.


  • R, Python and Julia Software Development
  • Teaching Data Science
  • BFF (Bayesian, Fiducial and Frequentist)


  • PhD in Statistics, 2015

    Univerisity of California, Davis

  • MPh in Statistics, 2010

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • BSc in Statistics, 2008

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Sole/primary developer


A 21 century R console. radian is an alternative console for the R program with multiline editing and rich syntax highlight. It is written in Python, so to some extent, it could be considered as a ipython clone for R.

Terminus is an Sublime Text package which emulates terminals inside the editor.

An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for R. The Language Server protocol is used by an editor client to integrate features like auto completion.

A Sublime Text package providing Julia syntax suports.

A Julia package which calls R functions.

A python package which allows users to call R functions in Python. It is served as the backend of the R console radian.

Send code to macOS and Linux Terminals, iTerm, ConEmu, Cmder, Tmux, Terminus; R (RStudio), Julia, IPython.

A Sublime Text package for better R programming experience.

An alignment plugin for Sublime Text using regular expression.

A webapp notifies GitHub for the netlify deploy status.

A python flask webapp for collecting students’ projects from STA 141B and STA 141C.

Project Manager for Sublime Text.

An R package for one time password generation and verification

Open file in Sublime Text via ssh remotely.

Publish R package releases automatically to GitHub.

An R package of high performance data containers.

An R package of fast generators and iterators for permutations, combinations, integer partitions and compositions. See Stackoverflow.

Unittest framework for Sublime Text. It runs unittest testcases on local machines and CI services such as GitHub and Circle CI.

A python flask webapp to preview private github repo



Visiting Assistant Professor in Statistics

University of California, Davis

Sep 2019 – Present California

Teach upper division data science courses, e.g.

  • Data & Web Technologies for Data Analysis
  • Big Data & High Performance Statistical Computing

Assistant Professor in Statistics

University of Maine

Sep 2015 – Aug 2019 Maine

Taught upper division statistics courses, e.g.

  • Engineering Statistics
  • Statistical Methods in Research
  • Statistical Methods in Machine Learning

Lecturer in Statistics

University of California, Davis

Mar 2015 – May 2019 California

Taught upper division statistics courses

  • Elementary Statistics
  • Statistical Methods in Machine Learning